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Ir. I.M. Eddy Sutrisno MBA.
President Director of PT. Imesco Dito
IIMESCO DITO have gained experience since 1979 as a building designer and constructor.

Until now, our company had been handling hundreds of houses and other buildings through continuous innovation in design and quality. It is our mission to be the expert in design and construction, especially in housing. Our company target coverage is Jakarta in particular and Indonesia is general.

There are three things that differ IMESCO DITO with other building consultant companies, which lie in quality,
after sales service and experienced staffs. We handle every project with standarized quality managed under our Quality Control Department.

To sustain it, our company had also equipped with AFTER SALES SERVICES Department that give their service to all of our customers for repair and maintenance. All the efforts we performed can only be done by the support of our experienced staff and expertise to fulfill the varieties of your design construction needs and wants.

Our future commitment is to keep improving ourselves and adding the constructions scenery with our environmentally friendly design.






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